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Total Beauty Experience is my current place of employment. Our physical retail store combines the wide selections of Sephora and Sally’s Beauty with the familiarity of a Hallmark. Our departments include skincare, haircare, cosmetics, apparel, gifts, gadgets, stationary, etc. The content below was made for promotional purposes and email/digital marketing. My duties include store sign design, advertisement design, product photography, website management and programming, monitoring marketing and traffic, and managing social media content production @totalbeautyexperience .

These are some of my promotional email designs sent to our subscription/ membership contact list. These designs also go live on our website and often our social media platforms. 


(1) This design was arranged and shot by myself, composed entirely of our product to showcase our variation and departments. This ran in local publications from January 2024-August 2024, so the focus was timelessness and store image. (2) The design is composed of partnership catalogue pictures and product photography edited by myself. This ran in Style Magazine February 2024 - March 2024. (3) This full page newspaper spread is my prefered variation of what will be running next month in Sac Bee paper for the Anniversary Sale.


The four pink and candy cane designs were made as digital assets for web browser advertising during the holidays. The bottom two designs were for sales promotions and Instagram content.